The topic of sustainability and the environment concerns us all - and it should! For us, sustainability is a matter close to our hearts. That's why we thought about a few things how we as a company can act in a more sustainable and future-oriented manner.

Karsten Kübler, Managing Director of the KOK Group


We have made an offer to all of our back office employees to lease electric cars through the company and use them as company cars – also for private use. A large part of the team was pleased to accept this offer. All employees of our new electric car fleet previously had only classic combustion engines. To this end, as an extended service, we have of course also had some “wall boxes” installed for charging the vehicles.

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Photovoltaic system

We have a large-scale photovoltaic system on the roof of our sales office and warehouse in Bensheim with which we can cover approx. 92% of our own electricity needs.

Paper packaging

We have replaced all packaging materials with recycled paper. So we can avoid plastic waste. Thanks to our paper machines, we can buy the paper on large rolls and also save CO² emissions through reduced logistics.

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