Our resources

In our group of companies, every member can benefit from the pooling of important resources. A few examples of this are:

Office space

We have our own office buildings with free capacities. In this way, we can provide unbeatably affordable offices in a network.


In the start-up phase in particular, we can provide manpower, for example to handle bookkeeping or order entry without overburdening the young company financially with full-time employees.


Since we have a logistics company in our group, we can also bundle warehouse activities, fulfillment and transport in a effective way and, as is nowadays quite common, outsource for the other companies in order to save costs here as well.

Minimize risk,
Accelerate growth

It goes without saying that self-employment always involves a not inconsiderable risk. With us as a partner, this risk can be minimized, as we make critical resources such as employees, office space, storage space and fulfillment available in a highly scalable manner and thus avoid high and risky capital commitments for our partners in these areas. So you can take care of your growth right from the start, while we put together a well-coordinated team that has your back.

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